Catchin’ Sync

The one and only sync testing app.

Catchin' SYNC allows you to capture and manually determine audio SYNC issues of your video playback device. In almost all cases, where audio and video playback passes through separate devices (i.e Audio through receiver, video through LCD TV or Projector etc.) there will be advancement or delay on the audio signal, making the viewing experience unpleasant. Catchin' SYNC will help you determine if your system is in SYNC or has a lag and by how much in milliseconds or frames. With that information you can add appropriate amounts of delay to your signal, and get everything play along properly in SYNC. You can use the offset information in your editing software (AVID Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Final Cut X etc.) and compensate. Most video hardware interfaces like Blackmagic and AJA will also have settings to do this. For home users, most Receivers and TVs, Apple TV and even VLC will let you enter this information. So, if your audio and video are out of sync, Catchin' Sync will help you synchronize them!

Catchin' SYNC let's you visually observe the sync points of the video and audio, and let's you move the audio back in sync by touching the screen to get a reading.

Watch a short demonstration here.
Show and tell from Mike at ProTools expert.