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Defaulter is the Pro Tools clip gain normalizing plugin. It is a perfect companion for WaveRider, and an excellent addition to any collection of gain staging plugins. Clip gain is the best thing Pro Tools adopted in recent years. Now, you have a tool to help you get the most out of it. Defaulter analyzes the clip and applies non-destructive clip gain adjustments to bring it up or down to meet your specified peak or RMS level. It ignores clips with levels below the user set threshold. Whether you need your snare drum clips hitting the same peaks, or need to adjust each vocal or dialog pass' RMS levels in a hurry, Defaulter will make the job painless and fast.

Defaulter Support FAQ

What’s clip gain?

Clip gain is a non-destructive way of adjusting a clip’s volume before it gets to the plugins and fader.
It was introduced to ProTools with version 10.

How do I get Defaulter to work on Mojave?

Apple made lots of security updates with Mojave OS. All the apps are now under strict control of what they can and can not access on your computer.
Defaulter uses Pro Tools to send commands to OS, and then uses OS to send commands to Pro Tools.
For this to keep working in Mojave, you have to allow Pro Tools to control your computer in the System Preferences.
Go to Sytem Preferences-> Security & Privacy -> Select Privacy tab and then the Accessibility tab on the left column. Click the box next to Pro Tools to allow access.

Is Defaulter’s processing destructive?

Defaulter only adjusts the clip gain. It does not in any way alter the original audio.

Can I select a bunch of clips to process?

Yes, but they will only be treated as one. Highest peak of the lot will be calculated and one clip gain will be applied to all.

Do I select clips one at a time?

For optimal results, yes this is the intended use. However we provide a set of macros with the installer for Defaulter to go through your clips automatically. While this is happening, you can also run our WaveRider plugin at the same time.

It doesn’t seem to adjust clip gain. Instead, my windows are shrinking!

This is because the OSX is using the key commands for Mission Control by default.
Go to your System Preferences -> Mission Control, and select none (-) or change the key commands for all the shortcuts to something that doesn’t involve Control + Up/down arrows.

I am using the macro, now Defaulter is looping back and forth.

You will need to create a blank track on the bottom of your session. So that when the macro tries to jump to the next track, it does go down and select no audio, and stop. Otherwise it will keep returning to start. Alternatively, you can modify the macro to stop, rather than go to next track.

Defaulter is acting slow.

This can be caused by some OSX login items. To see these, go to Finder preferences -> Users & Groups and click the Login Items tab. Remove items until you found the conflicting one.

Having all sorts of trouble with the macros.

There are 3 macros you would have imported to Keyboard Maestro:

1-Defaulter run
2-Defaulter track down
3-disable other macros

Let’s start with 3. Some built in macros that are in Keyboard Maestro interfere with Pro Tools shortcuts. This macro is there to disable these other macros. They should automatically do their disabling. One way to confirm is checking one of them, Activate Window Switcher and seeing if it’s disabled (greyed out in the list of macros).

1-Defaulter run: This macro will continually click the Analyze button to keep the process running from one clip to the next. Until the last clip in the timeline is reached. After 4 attempts on the last clip Defaulter will then switch to the next macro:

2-Defaulter track down: This macro will go down one track and return to the start of the session and start adjusting again.
You can modify it to stop the process if you’d like.

There are a few important things:

–You can not have any other Audio Suite window open otherwise the macros will get confused.

–You need to delete all the fades before starting the macros because Pro Tools treats fades as clips when navigating.

–Create a blank track on the bottom of the tracks you want to process so that the macros don’t go into a loop. You can also achieve this by creating a fade on the last clip to be processed.

–If you want to interrupt the macro, just click somewhere blank on the timeline between intervals.


Please refer to supplied documentation for step by step instructions. If there is something you still need clarification on please contact us.

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