Ever wished you could edit what you were recording while you were recording?

Recorditor allows you to mark good and bad takes during a recording in sync with your timeline, and then it performs your edit decisions automatically.

No more scribbling notes on scripts and then going through tedious edit sessions sifting through takes.

Recorditor is designed to assist in scripted wild narration and dialog recording sessions such as animation dialog, audio books, IVR prompts, text to speech applications, or any other recording session that needs tidying up.

Once you set up your mic positions and levels on your outboard gear, there isn’t much else to do during a long recording session, except for dreading the editing time it will require! With Recorditor, you can use this time wisely by live-editing the takes using only two keys on your keyboard. Left Arrow: Bad Right Arrow: Good

You can write comments / notes for each take, or even change your mind about the take after dropping the marker.

It will save you hours of editing time on day one.

System requirements: OSX 10.9 or above. Pro Tools 11.x and 12.x (Pro Tools First is not supported at this time)

Videos to get you started

Recorditor Setup
Recorditor sample session

Recorditor Support FAQ

Recorditor doesn’t control Pro Tools.

Make sure you have created an AUX track and instantiated RecorditorReWire plugin on it.

I can’t see the Recorditor ReWire plugin anywhere.

You should be able to see the RecorditorReWire plugin load up under “Instruments” category.
If you don’t see it, please make sure that you have restarted Pro Tools after installing Recorditor.

If you still can’t see it, please quit Pro Tools, and delete AAX Plugins Preferences.
This file can be found at: “~/Library/Preferences/Avid/Pro Tools/InstalledAAXPlugIns”

To access your user Library folder, in Finder menu click Go -> Library while holding down the Option key on your keyboard.

Recorditor isn’t committing the edit decisions.

Please make sure Min:Secs is selected as the time base in Pro Tools main time window.

Pro Tools record button doesn’t light up when I click on Recorditor transport.

This is because you may not have granted Recorditor Accessibility privileges in OSX preferences.
Please go to System Preferences –> Security & Privacy –> And under Accessibility/Privacy tab, click next to Recorditor icon.
You will need to click the padlock on the lower left corner and enter Admin credentials to unlock the preferences.

Please refer to supplied documentation for step by step instructions. If there is something you still need clarification on please contact us.

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