Please read through the frequently asked support questions below to find the answer you are looking for.
Do not attempt to use WaveRider before reading the user manual.

Download “WaveRider User Manual” Wave-Rider-v3.02-Operational-Manual.pdf – 526 KB

WINDOWS USERS PLEASE NOTE, it is highly recommended that you run Pro Tools with administrator privileges. Otherwise you may get HUI messages suggesting that connection was lost. See how it’s done here: Windows optimisation

If you do get these messages, simply click “Don’t show this message again” in the message window.

If you upgraded to Mac OSX Lion or later you need to install the Wave Rider version 3 or 2.1
2.1 is a free upgrade to current v2 license holders. This installer was emailed to you. Otherwise contact us.
Wave Rider v2.1 is not compatible with PPC computers, or Intel computers that run on Leopard and below. For a PPC or Leopard compatible version please contact us for v2.

If you have another question or an issue that is not covered here, please contact us using the form on the bottom of this page.

Frequently asked support questions

I can’t get Wave Rider to do anything.

After installing Wave Rider, you will have to set Pro Tools peripherals for Wave Rider operation.
Go to Setup–>Peripherals–>Midi Controllers. Choose HUI as type and select Wave Rider ports for both send to and receive from.
Go to tips section to see a video of it.
Windows users, please make sure to choose port Wave Rider Ch x-x(snd) under “Receive From” and Wave Rider Ch x-x(rcv) under “Send To”.

You may need to restart your computer after installation. Also, if you see Send To ports but not the Receive From ports, then in ProTools check Setup > MIDI > Input Devices and make sure all WaveRider ports are checked.

I have installed and set up everything right, but I don’t see any automation written on the track.

There could be a few reasons.
1-Make sure you have selected the proper channel number for the track you want to control. Wave Rider requires manual selection of the channel number, it will default to channel “off” when inserted.
2-Make sure you have not suspended automation in Pro Tools, and you have auto enabled Volume controls, and put the track on LATCH mode.
3-Please check out the following question to see the difference in HUI behaviour along with other types of external controllers.

I have a physical controller. How does WR play along with it?

If you have Icon, Pro Control, or C24), Wave Rider will only control the first 8 tracks that are loaded on the controller. Changing the loaded tracks of this bank will also affect what track WR will control. WR will treat the first track of this bank as channel 1, no matter what the actual track number in Pro Tools is.

If you have a 002, 003 series controller, Wave Rider will control the tracks immediately after the 8 tracks that are loaded on the controller.

If you have a Eucon enabled controller, Wave Rider’s functionality won’t be affected. You can enable all 32 channels in the MIDI controller section, and banking on the Eucon controller will not change WR track numbering.

Command 8 can’t be active concurrently with Wave Rider.

No, this is intentional. Since Wave Rider writes its own automation on the volume pane, there should be no reason to automate the plugin itself. After a write pass, you can remove Wave Rider and all the automation remains on the track. We simply wanted to get rid of the nuisance of adjusting parameters in latch mode while forgetting that all parameters are auto enabled.

When I turn the averaging mode on, the fader jumps up to +10db. I find it annoying, is there a way around it?

Yes, this is a known little issue. But fortunately very easy to get over. Upon playback, the faders will go to 0.
Also, putting “park on silence” on and setting a slow release will get over this issue and give you better tracking for material that is made of broken regions (checker-boarded).

There are couple of things to watch out for:

  • Set your playback engine so that H/W buffer size is 512-1024 samples.
  • Make sure there are no TDM plugins before Wave Rider.
  • Delay compensation should be on if your system supports it.
I was using Wave Rider happily and suddenly I get HUI error messages and ports are inactive.

This is caused by the Mac OSX MIDI server crashing for a reason. We found that if you have M-Audio USB Support.plugin in your MacHD/Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers folder this can be the cause. Simply remove this driver and all is good. In some instances putting this driver back in doesn’t cause the issue again.

My faders are going nuts, zig-zagging uncontrollably.

Please use the Latch automation mode, and not touch. And make sure no other instant of WR is trying to control the same track number.

What’s the best setting for trace?

There’s a preset called Tracer. That is the best setting. 🙂

I don’t have a paypal account, and i don’t want one. How else can I pay?

PayPal service let’s you use your major credit card or ATM card. You do not need to register with PayPal to use this service.

Important upgrade information

If you are upgrading from v2 to v3, there is nothing to do, installer will take care of the clean up. Though you will lose your presets. (v3 is not compatible with v2 presets)

If you are upgrading from version 1 to version 2.x of Wave Rider please follow these simple steps:
1- Uninstall Wave Rider by trashing the following:
Delete Wave Rider.dpm from the plugins folder: MacHD–> Library–> Application Support –> Digidesign –>Plugins
Delete com.quietart.waverider.plist from the preferences folder: MacHD–> Library–> Preferences
Delete WaveRiderDriver.plugin from the Midi Drivers folder: MacHD–> Library–> Audio –> MIDI Drivers

2- After you have deleted these files and before installing the new version, you should log out or restart computer.

3- Go to Applications –> Utilities –> Audio MIDI Setup –> Open this utility (show MIDI window under Menu–> Window if not already open) and remove the Wave Rider icon from the interface by deleting it. And quit Audio MIDI Setup.

4- Now you can install the new version.

Known Issues

  • WaveRider v3 will not recognize user presets from earlier versions.
  • On Pro Tools 10 and below, WaveRider will put the track volume at -0.2 when engaged, it can not go to 0. If it is critical for you to have the track at absolute 0 (for instance on a track that’s ducking and parking at 0), we recommend using the Trim plugin or the like to apply 0.2db of gain.
  • If you are writing more than 4 tracks at the same time for a duration of 30 minutes or more (or 8 tracks for 15mins), Pro Tools may hang or quit unexpectedly (Although Pro Tools 11&12 have much better performance). This is due to the amount of automation information being written. It’s recommended that for long duration sessions, playback should be stopped and started every 10-15 minutes to eliminate the risk of a crash. As a workaround for unattended sessions, macro programs like Quickeys or Keyboard Maestro can be programmed to handle the automatic stop and start.

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