Watch a few videos to get up and running, and get the most out of Wave Rider.

Peripherals Setup

  • Don’t forget to set up your peripherals in Pro Tools!
    Read the manual or watch this short video to see how this is done. Wave Rider utilizes a virtual MIDI controller for its operation. Therefore it needs this extra step in the Setup –> Peripherals section.

Ride Modes

  • Choose between Classic mode or Averaging mode
    to best suit the material at hand.
    Watch this video to see & hear the difference.

Ratio Adjustments

  • See the difference the ratio adjustments make.
    Independent control of soft and loud signals

Duck Mode

  • Here’s a video demonstrating the Duck mode.

Trace Mode

  • Watch this to get some ideas for the things you can do with the Trace mode.

WaveRider as gate

  • This is how you can use Wave Rider as a gate.

Full Automix Showdown

  • Not for the faint of heart!
    This video demonstrates all the functions of Wave Rider in a fully unattended mix scenario. Witness the power of Wave Rider, and decide how much of it you’d want to utilize in your workflow.


Requires Mac OS X or Windows.
Pro Tools 7 to 12
(click here to inquire about VST)

WaveRider is now shown in classrooms at Full Sail University to exhibit precise vocal production techniques.

Watch a show and tell video by Mike from Pro Tools Expert.

Wave Rider is reviewed in May 2011 issue of Sound On Sound magazine:
Link to article

What is WaveRider?

Wave Rider is an RTAS & AAX plugin. It is a virtual fader controller utility that applies intelligent volume adjustments to the Pro Tools faders to maintain consistent levels, and perform ducking, gating, tracing, and automatic mixing duties.
It has a vast use in audio post production as well as music mixing.

Available for both Mac and Windows.
Pro Tools 7 to 12