Within 20 minutes of having it, WaveRider became a part of the workflow. THANK YOU!!!

Bruce Howell, Producer
Comedy Central | South Park

WaveRider has the best smart ducker I’ve ever used. This is truly a great tool!

David Farmer, Sound Designer
(Thor: Ragnarok, The Hobbit Trilogy, LOTR Trilogy)

WaveRider has been an incredible time saver in a high-pressure, quick-turnaround environment.

Scott Rowan, Shine Australia
(Masterchef, The Voice)

It’s rare to find a plugin that improves my efficiency, is easy to use, and allows me to focus on the music. WaveRider has become a valuable tool that I use often.

Dave Pensado, Mix engineer | Grammy Recipient
Pensado’s Place

Quiet Art’s plugins are amazing! They have saved me countless hours, which allows me more time to focus on other areas of a project. Thanks Quiet Art, for my new favourite tools!

Justin Van Hout C.E.A
Sound Designer | Re-recording Mixer 

Catchin’ Sync is an invaluable tool for anyone in the film industry. It’s a genius iPhone APP that is, in my opinion, imperative for any editor to have to properly correct an audio visual delay.

Harrison Meyle, Dialogue Supervisor | Emmy Recipient
Warner Bros

WaveRider v3

Back in 2009, we introduced the “Rider Plugin” concept to the world with WaveRider. Since then, it has become an indispensable tool of choice in studios around the globe.

Be it vocal, dialog, voice over, bass or other instruments, you’ll find mixing with WaveRider a breeze. Read more…

Authorization requires free iLok account and an iLok USB dongle.


Defaulter is the Pro Tools clip gain normalizing plugin.

It is a perfect companion for WaveRider, and an excellent addition to any collection of gain staging plugins. Read more…

Authorization requires free iLok account and an iLok USB dongle.


Recorditor allows you to mark good and bad takes during a recording in sync with your timeline, and then it performs your edit decisions automatically.

No more scribbling notes on scripts and then going through tedious edit sessions sifting through takes. Read more…

Authorization requires free iLok account. No dongle necessary.

Catchin’ SYNC

Catchin’ SYNC allows you to capture and manually determine audio SYNC issues of your video playback device. Read more…


One and only Sync checking app on IOS devices.


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