Device Info

Here’s a list of known average device offsets. 
Enter this offset amount in Catchin’ Sync settings to compensate.
If your device is not listed here please check back at a later time.

WARNING: When Apple updated IOS to version 9 it presented a bug that affects iPhone 6 and 6+. This bug makes the audio latency go between 30ms and 60ms. The correct offset is 30ms, so do your measurements with that setting. And do 2 or 3 readings, don’t use the 30ms higher reading. This bug remains in IOS 10+.
This bug does not affect Iphone 6S and 6S+ devices.

 iPhone X (IOS 11)  +23ms (audio delayed) 240fps
 iPhone 7, 8, 7+, 8+ (IOS 10,11)  +25ms (audio delayed) 240fps
 iPhone 6S (IOS 9,10,11)  +25ms (audio delayed) 240fps
iPhone 6 & 6+ (IOS 9,10,11) +30ms (audio delayed) 240fps See Warning above
iPhone 6 & 6+ (IOS 8) +20ms (audio delayed) 240fps
iPhone 5 & 5s (IOS 6&7): 0 ms 60/120fps
iPhone 5 & 5s (IOS 8&9): +20ms (audio delayed) 60/120fps
iPod Touch 5 (IOS 6&7): 0 ms 60fps
iPod Touch 5 (IOS 8&9): 0 ms 60fps
iPhone 4s: -40ms (audio advanced) -/+ 8 ms
iPhone 4: +53 ms (audio delayed) -/+ 8 ms
iPod Touch 4: +53 ms (audio delayed) -/+ 8 ms
iPad Mini Retina (IOS 8&9): +30 ms (audio delayed) 60fps
iPad 5 (Air): +20 ms (audio delayed) 60fps
iPad 3 (Retina): -29 ms (audio advanced) -/+ 8 ms
iPad 2: -32ms (audio advanced) -/+ 8 ms

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