Demo Installers

Recorditor Mac

Download “Recorditor_v1” Recorditor.dmg – 14 MB

Defaulter Mac

Download “Defaulter_V1.6_OSX” Defaulter-1.6.dmg – 8 MB

WaveRider Mac

Download “WaveRider_v3.0.2_OSX” WaveRider_v3.0.2_OSX.dmg – 7 MB

WaveRider Windows

Download “WaveRider_v3.0.2_Win_PT11_12” WaveRiderInstaller3.0.2_64.exe – 12 MB

Download “WaveRider_v3.0.2_Win_PT10” WaveRiderInstaller3.0.2_32.exe – 12 MB

WaveRider Manual

Download “WaveRider User Manual” Wave-Rider-v3.02-Operational-Manual.pdf – 526 kB

The ultimate volume control

Clip gain normalizer

Recording editor

The only Sync checking app.
Now up to 240fps.